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Baa Bahoo Aur Baby – An Introduction to Characters!

Posted on: September 27, 2008

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If you are already not a fan of ‘Baa Bahoo Aur Baby‘ let me introduce you the characters of this wonderful serial, in fact a wonderful family!

Baa Bahoo Aur Baby

Baa Bahoo Aur Baby

Godavari Thakkar “Baa” (Sarita Joshi) : Baa is the head of the family (yes, lady is the head of this very different yet interesting family), she manages the family and takes all the decisions. She worked hard to raise her eight children and she is very proud of that fact. She is very commanding and to some extent demanding as well! And her word is final and mostly nobody argues against her. Though she is dominating in nature everybody in the family loves and respects her!!

Labhshankar Thakkar “Bapuji” (Arvind Vaidya): Bapuji is a drunkard, who is always in nasha (not being in your senses) all the time, never cares for his family. Baa and Bapuji keeps fighting and arguing over something or the other!

Arvind Thakkar “Mota Bhai” (Rajeev Mehta): He is the eldest son of the family and works in a insurance office, he cares for his family very much, he is married to Leela Thakkar and has one son Jigar Thakkar and one daughter Dimple Thakkar. If not for anything else you can watch this serial for his ‘Hahnnnn!’ (I will not say when he does this, watch the serial to find out!). Do you write everything in your diary?? Literally everything with the date and time of the event?? He does!

Leela Thakkar (Lubna Salim): She is the wife of Mota Bhai, she is from very rich family still she adjusts herself (yes, this is not a very rich family). Leela’s biggest dream is to become a TV actress! Once she tries her luck as well!!

Pravin Thakkar (Paresh Ganatra): Pravin is the second son of the family. He is very stingy (kanjoos) and dies for every penny. I will say he is one of the reason for this serial being so successful!

Subodh Thakkar (Rajesh Kumar): He works as an artist in a drama company and married to a village girl, and has one son and one daughter.

Meenakshi Thakkar (Suchita Trivedi): Wife of Subodh. She is very pious and believes a lot in superstitious things!

Dr. Harshad Thakkar (Jamnadas Majethia): He is a doctor and works in a hospital and loves his mother (Baa) and other family members very much. A very cool and composed character with no extras!

Dr. Shilpa Thakkar (Sonali Sachdevaas): Wife of Dr. Harshad. She is also a doctor and practices as well.

Charubala (Nimisha Vakharia): She is the elder daughter of the family and married to a rich man Tushar Bhayani.

Radhika Thakkar “Baby” (Benaf Dadachandji): She is the younger daughter of the family and she is a  handicap (polio attacked) from childhood. She is now engaged to Birju, her childhood friend.

Hemal Thakkar (Kamlesh Oza): He works in a bank and married to “Gudiya” with whom he worked.

Gurinder Chaddha Thakkar “Gudiya” (Shweta Keshwani): She is wife of Hemal. Very good later addition to the serial. She is very brilliant partly because she is educated.

Gopal Thakkar “Gattu” (Deven Bhojani): Last but not at all least, Gattu is very funny guy. He is very loving and caring person in the family. He is mentally not fully fit to study, work etc.,. It is believed that Gattu is the prime reason for the mega success of this serial but I will say all the characters are doing their job perfectly!!

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5 Responses to "Baa Bahoo Aur Baby – An Introduction to Characters!"

i am again back to tell that i will send lots of messages as i,my sisters and every body in my family loves this drama especially my grandmother, she likes baa very much.

hello my name is abdul qadeer dayo. i love this drama alot. i also love all the family members of baa bahu ayr baby. i hope this drama will be forever on the television.

good this all the things i wented


Hi dear

I have been watching this serial since last few months. But I really like the character of Baa. I wish I had a Baa like her. However she quite resembles my mum. I quite like the way Baa handles day to day issues in house. I like their house in parla. I am from parla myself:) of course a good serial to watch and also a lot to learn as well. thanks Chirag

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