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Emotional episode of Baa Bahoo aur Baby

Posted on: January 10, 2009

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Today (10th January 2009)’s episode is one of the most emotional episode after Praveena’s death episode.

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Birju gets consciousness.

Mota Bhai informs him that soon Birju and Baby’s (Benaf Dadachandji) engagement will take place. Also informs that Baa has decided to give Krishna Villa to Baba Bhai!

Baa thinks about the conversation she had with Baba Bhai and becomes very emotional.

Then starts the packing, the packing process is fully emotional…

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Mota Bhai (Rajeev Mehta) wants to take all his diaries with him, then he reads out some of the memories of Krishna Villa. The memories includes the first walk of Mota Bhai’s daughter (Dimple) and the entry of Leela.

Subodh (Rajesh Kumar) packs a old fan and says Meenakshi wants it as its sound will give the Krishna Villa’s feel. Then Gattu (Deven Bhojani) wants to jump in the well one last time and Subodh, Harshad (Jamnadas Majethia) and Hemal (Kamlesh Oza) joins Gattu and jumps in the well.

In the second part, all the daugher-in-laws of Baa (Sarita Joshi) meets Baa and tells her that they are not able to find key to lock the house as they never locked the house before. In between Baba Bhai comes with four people and says he wants to start the process of breaking house and Baa gives permission also.

Baa asks Baba Bhai’s men to start the process from well and in front of them so that they can be sure that Krishna Villa is no more!!

In third part, whatever was shown in part one and two turns out to be Baa’s horrifying dream. When Baa comes out of dream she cries out loudly. In between Leela (Lubna Salim) comes running and says that children who went to watch movie have not returned home even after 5 hours. But in next scene Meenakshi comes and says that children has come back but standing outside of house and wants Baa and others to go out themselves and see why children are standing out and not coming inside…….

My guess is children want everyone to come out and meet Praveen…. What is your guess??

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